The 28.mai 2014 the kittens between SE*Torplyktans Freja (e) and GIC S*Spinn Engine's Gold-X (nt 09 22) were borne. 8 Kitten, 3 male and 5 female!


SE*Torplyktans Freja
Född: 17. februari 2012
Färg: creme (e)
Vikt: 4,5kg

GSD-IV fri by parents
HCM-test  normal
FIV & FeLV neg

PK-def free by gene test

GIC S*Spinn Engine's Gold-X
Född: 11. juni 2009
Färg: amber tabby med vit (nt 09 22)
Vikt:    kg

GSD-IV fri by parents
HCM-test  normal
FIV & FeLV neg

PK-def (test soon)


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 Pictures:  week1pic    week2,5video   week4video   week4,5pic    week6   week7   week8  week10   vecka13  vecka15  Siri 7 month

Nam sex color weight  20w
 Sixten male d 22 - red classic tabby    Sold
 Sigge male e 22 - creme classic tabby    Sold SE*Jacamas
 Sindre male e 09 22 - creme classic tabby with withe
 Signe female g 24 - blu tortie spottet tabby
2,3kg  Stays
 Svea female g 09 24 - blu tortie spottet  tabby with withe
2,5kg  sold
 Selma female f 09 22 - black tortie classic tabby with withe
2,2kg  Stays
 Sindra (Saga) female f 09 24 - black tortie spottet  tabby with withe
2,4kg  sold SE*Forsskogens
 Siri female f 09 24 - black tortie spottet tabby with withe
2,5kg Sold

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all kittens will have genes före: non-agouti, dillution, extension and classic tabby

We follow Pawpeds and Skogkattslingans Health programs against HCM, GSD IV and PK-def (read more att Pawpeds)

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